The Awakening of Siddhartha

Personal work

This work is about Siddhartha, who was a prince in the city called Kapilavatthu, India more than 2,500 years ago. The young prince Siddhartha always thought deeply about what he saw around him and struggled desperately to be free from suffering, and then he finally became a monk, throwing all his possessions away to find his way to be free. One day he meditated sitting down under a large bodhi tree. After a few days, he let go of all worldly thoughts and found the ultimate truth about life. He accepted that change is inevitable and that death is just a part of this cycle. Therefore there was no hope to trap him. Siddhartha became the enlightened one and was freed from suffering.

I tried to express the moment of awakening of Siddhartha in an animation. Using the Dharma Chakra (the Wheel of Dharma) which is a symbol of Siddhartha’s profound teaching for the path to enlightenment, I expressed the universal truth of impermanence - Birth, Aging, Illness, and Death. I also tried to deliver the message that there is no perpetual suffering, for there is no permanent existence in the universe.


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