Motion Design Reel

Motion Design Reel 2018

Thanks for viewing my reel!

00:03: Toy Watch (personal project)
00:11: NGC (personal project) 
00:19: Prison Break (personal project)
00:24: Nights and Weekends (role: 3D, animation, effects, compositing)
00:28: Discovery Channel (personal project)
00:29: MLB Network (role: animation)
00:31: Atom (personal project)
00:32: Spike (personal project)
00:35: Break Stuff (personal project)
00:40: The Awakening of Siddhartha (personal project) 
00:41: The Awakening Look Development (personal project)
00:43: The Awakening of Siddhartha (personal project)
00:48: The Enlightenment (personal project) 
00:54: Further Perception (personal project)
00:55: 2016 SXSW Gaming Awards (role: design, animation)
00:59: The Awakening Look Development (personal project)
01:00: Mandala (personal project)
01:02: The Statue of Death (personal project)
01:03: Meijer (role: refining matte painting, animation)
01:04: Glade (role: design, compositing)
01:05: Octane Render Exploration (personal project)
01:07: Comcast - Numbers (role: element design, animation, compositing)
01:09: Linkin Park logo animation (personal project)